"EсoСat" has exclusive rights to the technology of catalytic heating and manufactures catalytic heater.

a. In any form of fossil fuel burning harmful substances - carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen (NO) and other

b. b. In the classical heating equipment used "coolant" (water vapor), heated combustion fire that separates the heat from the combustion gases and transferring heat in a heated room. Harmful substances in smoke and heat produced mostly emitted. Heating efficiency of 29% to 50%.

 c. "EcoCat" produces catalytic heaters in which the products of combustion pass a thorough cleaning (afterburning) to a concentration of harmful substances less than 15% of the maximum, which eliminates the heat exchangers and transfer 100% of the received heat in the room. Harmful substances are converted into CO2 - carbon fertilization, and H2O-humidification

This Product wins the IUI 5002 (DIAMOND) in October 2014