How do you measure innovation in a marketing environment?

When is a solution the very newest approach? How do you decide what’s progressive — and what’s absolutely radical? How do you benchmark pure unadulterated craziness? To meet this conceptual challenge, we have formulated three questions that get to the heart of the matter:

1. How innovative is your product or service?

  • Is it completely new?
  • Is it an exciting advance on a previous technology?
  • Or is it a fresh way of looking at an existing solution?

2. How does your product or service impact the end user?

  • Who is the “end user” – a marketer or a supplier?
  • Has it helped the end user improve his/her efficiency?
  • What data is available to quantify this impact?

3. How has your product or solution made a difference in the marketing community at large?

  • Has it influenced the way the data-driven marketing industry thinks?
  • Has it made the industry more effective?
  • Can it strengthen the future of marketing for the long-term?


PLEASE NOTE: Auditors are MOST interested in the measurable, sufficient results the product or service has obtained while on the market—NOT the length of time the product has been on the market.