IUI Future

The Future of IUI


-       Recruit representatives and leaders to open new IUI affiliated offices in world countries

-       Refine and improve the IUI evaluation and certification process so that innovations with the IUI Emerging or Distinguished Innovation Level of Excellence Award will have increased respect and trust

-       Unite global inventors, invention show/exhibition directors, and all the other creative people and companies involved in the many fields of innovating

-       Provide an ongoing source of trusted and valuable innovations created by accredited companies and individuals to those in the marketplace

-       Provide a source of high quality resources and links related to innovating around the world: global exhibitions, inventing associations, inventors, inventions, suppliers, manufacturers, educational resources, industry awareness and needs, recognized leaders and creative entrepreneurs who can motivate, assistants in the innovation process

-       Provide a focal point from which companies and individuals can advertise and display new, original innovations on IUI affiliated websites

-       Continue to nurture the creative spirit globally in children and adults