IUI Protect

 If you don’t protect the innovation, so what’s the benefit?

Innovation is very important for company growth and can create competitive advantage in many ways. First of all people and customers like innovative and new products either in design or in performance. Innovation can increase your sales and your brand awareness thus it causes increasing income, also on the other side if your product is truly innovative you can keep it exclusive for yourself to prevent others from copy it.

Companies must recognize the importance of intellectual property (IP) and take ownership of safeguarding it.

We, International Union of Inventions and Industrial Innovations (IUI) offer services to keep your product exclusive for you. "Intellectual property" refers to those innovations that can be considered "owned" by an individual or company and are therefore protectable under the law.

The goal of IUI protect is to make an official record of your ideas and innovations to enable you to protect them easily under the law.

The specific laws regarding intellectual property vary from country to country, but the basic principles are recognized internationally, we work in close partnership with IP offices, IGOs, NGOs, and other public and private stakeholder throughout the world to deliver our programs.

With IUI protect you can exclusively own your product in all aspects and we do all intellectual property affairs to you.

IUI Protect Stages:

Stage 1) IUI Register:

First of all your application form must be assessed and then you will be audited by our auditors to check out the level of innovation, commercialization activities and impact of the innovation.

If your company and innovative product get qualified, you may be certified for the IUI 5001 or IUI 5002.

Only organizations which approved by IUI can participate in the IUI Protect program.

The first step of the Innovation protection is registering your innovative product/service in International Union of Inventions and Industrial Innovation, this document indicates that your product was commercialized before other producers and they have copied from you.

Stage 2) Solutions:

Our consultants including technical and legal experts gap analyze your company and will give you solutions in the field of intellectual property (IP) and give you the plan showing how to protect your innovation. We call it IUI Protect Plan.

After the gap analysis by our consultants, the IUI Protect Plan will be granted to you.

Stage 3) Implementation:

When we start registering your product/service or IP, according to the sent plan, all the required documents must be submitted, either electronically or physically, to the IUI to let us proceed with the registration process. Then it is assessed whether the IP is qualified to be registered and the result will be announced. Our consultants will help you if your IP needs any change.  

Stage 4) Guarantee:

After the registration of an innovative product and dealing with legal matters we issue a certificate and provide you with the needed documents to protect your IP in different areas of law.