We have a new track. It starts at the very beginning of every business in the world: the Idea. Every company has ideas about how life could become better. Unfortunately, most of those ideas are not carried out, because companies do not know how to put their idea to work or do not start working on it at all. Many proper ideas are lost in this way. We as a international union of invention and industrial innovation help you with the development of your idea if you capable to turn your idea into useful product or services.


We challenge and help you to register your innovative product and gain an award for your innovative products and services. We help you providing feedback and organizing lectures about entrepreneurship and coaching, competing in our Innovation Award improves your ideas about your new product. We give you the opportunity to team up with other companies as well, as starting a business is much easier with a team than by yourself. Moreover, contestants can use the network of the  international union of invention and industrial innovation. At our events you can get in touch with successful entrepreneurs, investors and companies. By competing in our Innovation Award you have a better chance at success and becoming a real winner.

The competitors and winners will receive extra exposure by means of:

  • Publication sent to over thousand registered visitors
  • The audit report, distributed at the exhibition floor and to the international press
  • Special mention in the IUI show catalogue
  • Presentation of competitors and winners on special signs in the entrance hall of fame
  • All competitors and winners will be put on display (poster presentations) at the Innovation Lab during the ceremony

We celebrated the people who have changed the game and the twists and turns of ideation and creation. On the night we acclaimed the innovation that has transformed the world we live in.

Accredited registration of your innovation system or innovative product/services to recognized international standards gives you a credible means of addressing stakeholder concerns. Robust management systems have proven to be valuable business tools in managing risk, bringing consistency to global operations, delivering change and driving innovation.

The IUI Register, is the most complete available record of organizations that have achieved certification and award to our standards with our approved auditors and jury. We serve all industry types, from manufacturing through professional service organizations. Some of the benefits include helping an organization to achieve framework to innovation process, drive measurable performance improvements and protect organizations’ Intellectual Property (IP).

Benefits of innovation registration:

  • If it is examined and certified, the innovation registration offers the same level of protection as a standard in preventing others from copying your innovation.
  • Unlike a standard, you only pay to have an innovation registration examined when you need to stop others from copying your innovation.


International union of invention and industrial innovation just registered its’ clients who get audit and assess by our jury.