IUI Mission


     The International United of inventions and industrial innovations (IUI) is a global provider of certification in the field of innovation.  IUI was founded in 1999 by the following countries: Spain, Australia, Norway, Denmark, Luxembourg and United Kingdom. Headquarters are in London, UK.

The IUI’s guiding principle is to recognize and promote high-quality, innovative products, services and processes.  This encourages people to use their creativity to innovate cost-effective solutions and improve their lives around the world. The dedication of IUI organizations in 28 locations in 18 countries causes this to happen. New members are welcome.

Mission Statement

-       to provide Level of Excellence awards to recognized and evaluated emerging and existing distinguished innovators

-       to help innovators improve products

-       add economic value to world innovations

-       provide early and ongoing guidance in innovating to innovators

-       connect innovators to others with technology, systems, innovative products, services

-       strengthen the competitiveness of IUI members

Core IUI Values

Customer Focus
Customer needs are the focus of our activities. Long-term relationships are very important.

Quality & Integrity
We provide quality products/services in a legal, ethical, and impartial manner.

Execution & Continual Improvement
We are task committed and identify the opportunities for improving quality of service.

Stakeholder Value
We provide value for members and other stakeholders in a socially responsible manner.

Employee Accountability
We promote teamwork that respects, values, empowers, and rewards individuals.  
     Employees are given opportunities for growth and responsibility for their own success.


Innovation: The process of introducing of something new - method, idea, device, product,  
                     service, process. Something that is changed or improved.

Invention: a method, idea, device, product, service, process or other useful thing that is
                  produced for the first time through imagination, thinking and experimenting.