International United of inventions and industrial innovations (IUI) is the world's largest developer and publisher of International Verification evaluations of innovations. The organization insures verified credentials, and the truth of information submitted by members about their industrial products and services. 

   The International United of inventions and industrial innovations (IUI) is a global provider of certification in the field of innovation.  IUI was founded in 2003 by the following countries: Spain, Australia, Norway, Denmark, Luxembourg and United Kingdom. Headquarters are in London, UK.

The IUI’s guiding principle is to recognize and promote high-quality, innovative products, services and processes.  This encourages people to use their creativity to innovate cost-effective solutions and improve their lives around the world. The dedication of IUI organizations in 18 locations in 13 countries causes this to happen. New members are welcome.

IUI is the headquarters of a network of organizations that provide International Verification evaluations of innovative industrial products/services/processes. 18 countries have their Central Secretariat in london, UK.

IUI is the global center for those involved in innovation.  It provides assurances of excellence to customers seeking products/services/processes from the registered member companies and individuals that have a Level of Excellence award.

IUI is a non-government organization that promotes high standards in innovative products, services and processes.  IUI member companies are trusted to provide positive and reliable outcomes for those engaging with them. As well, IUI supports strengthening public policies relating to innovating.

The IUI management team provides the highest level of service to help members and clients succeed in the global marketplace. This commitment is proudly displayed in the mission statement.

Why IUI Level of Excellence Awards valuable?
IUI has Emerged and also Distinguished Level of Excellence Awards.  The awards assure the reality and quality of submitted innovative ideas. With an IUI Award, organizations advertise that they have a formally evaluated and accepted product/service/process.

Companies advertising IUI Level of Excellence Awards, create a “supply chain” and database of verified innovations. Companies, entrepreneurs, business owners, industrialists, etc. know that they are part of an internationally recognized, reliable database. People trust companies more if they have Level of Excellence Awards.

Those in the marketplace recognize the importance of the IUI Level of Excellence Awards. Customers, buyers and investors recognize the quality factor. The IUI Level of Excellence Award, therefore, attracts customers.

Customer satisfaction
Customer satisfaction is personal and has degrees – from high to low. Meeting customer requirements and needs is of utmost importance. Customers may not be satisfied though contractual requirements were met. Having no complaints does not mean customers are satisfied. To monitor and measure customer satisfaction, the following are useful: customer surveys, product quality data collecting (post-delivery), tracking warranty claims, examining dealer reports, studying customer compliments and criticisms, and analyzing lost business opportunities.